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Company Law

The core areas of company law covered are the establishment, management and, where necessary, the development of different types of company law, e.g. limited liability companies (GmbH), public limited companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships (OHG), civil law associations (GbR), etc.). Advice during the initial phase includes the selection of the appropriate legal form and, in addition, the drafting of statutes or articles of association that provide for a fair balance of laws and obligations of the partners/shareholders and management, e.g. CEOs and board members). The company will receive legal assistance in the preparation and development of companies and general meetings as well as board meetings and advice on the implementation of corporate actions (for example, capital increase).

Any change in corporate structure needs a clean law review. Our firm will guide you in conversion processes (mergers, change of legal status, outsourcing), not only in matters of business succession but also in the sale and acquisition of or participation in companies (business contracts, joint venture agreements, etc.).

Where necessary, this will be through close interaction with tax advisors, accountants and management consultants to reach a comprehensive, and therefore the best, solution.

You will receive legal assistance in all company conflicts, such as decision disputes, confiscation regulations and financial settlements, etc.

Questions on problems about commission or compensation claims are often raised by sales representatives in the area of commercial law. Our firm is also available to solve these types of problems.