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Family Law

Family law includes the areas of marriage, civil partnerships, families and relations. This includes issues of representation, guardianship, trusteeship and care.

There are extensive options in family law. Solutions can be found suitable to you by drawing up marriage contracts which alter the statutory matrimonial property regime.

Thus, for example, the couple can completely separate their assets by entering into a marriage contract agreement with separate property. They can also choose the “softer” form of a matrimonial regime of separate possessions and accrued gains. After the separation of property in a divorce case, in the case of succession, the matrimonial regime of separate possessions and accrued gains also takes effect.

Separation and divorce agreements are also part of the spectrum of notarial activities. Through a clear notarial system, lengthy court proceedings can often be avoided.

Another field of activity is the notarial recording of adoption applications, either for the adoption of minors, or the adoption of adults instead of children (adult adoption).